Be Especial

What is the cost of being unique in this very ordinary world?

When I was in 8th grade. I was a math enthusiast and loved solving. One day when I solved a difficult math problem using a method different from my teacher’s, she scolded me and wanted me to follow her steps or methods so that I would be given marks. At once, the profound curiosity and interest that I had developed in math instantly vanished.
If you are to always follow someone else’s path or methods then what makes us, us?.
All of my life I was directed to do things by somebody because somebody’s somebody thought it would be perfect for me.Taking chances or thinking different is underrated.

I would say our Indian educational system has succeeded in creating nothing but human machines. And, they classify the machines based on grades-High performing ones,low performing ones,medium ones.And after so much inimitable hard work the low -performing ones leave the stage and are labelled incompetent.Humans brought up as machines and machines mimicking humans are the irony of today’s world.

We all are diversely talented individuals. Measuring all the unique human talents in a single system is claptrap.

A system which is afraid to encourage why’s or reasoning? And which focuses solely on results is like telling money is important but how you made it is not and that success is important but whatever ill ways you chose to become successful is not.I had a teacher who told us our scores determined our calibre and personality.

When people would realise marks are mere ratings introduced by some hopeless system to take away the confidence of pondering minds. And when one would realise that, it is okay to think out of the methods or by-hearted formulas that were taught to us as life rules, then can we initiate change.

Do not always take a trodden path so that you can play safe in life, take that high land so that somewhere along the line you might meet your real self. Develop your identity and uniqueness as they determine you and they make you more human.

Remember to be that blue umbrella among the grey ones❤.

Two Bright Blue Kites

This lockdown made me perturbed and overthink on every bad choice I had made in life. I was slowly losing myself, my life was gradually getting filled with negative lines.
It was when these two kites came to rescue.
One day after spending hours indoors, totally worn out, I decided to visit my terrace to enjoy the 5 p.m sky. It was when I found these two unusual friends, two bright kites racing in the blue sky. I earnestly do not even remember the last time when two kites amazed me so much.
I watched it go up and high avoiding any sign of compromise. On the following days, I made sure I visited my 5 pm friends, the two bright blue kites.
Hey, so like my confidante do not give up on yourself. Bad times come but rise above, race above. I know this lockdown can be tiring for many but make sure you go out and realise and ruminate on all the little things that make our life still lovable.

Stay happy , stay healthy and we will overcome❤️.


This lockdown was tiring and boring for some, family and time to slow down for others, and for some others, it was helplessness, money, torture, and projection of what all disadvantages they were at.
I was thinking about the third category, my fellow beings who are uncertain about their future as their present, walking indefinitely so that they could reach some place of safety and comfort.
Like any average Indian my feeling was also hurt for not being able to do anything. I do not know what will become of those thousand families and I do not know what their plight will be. What I know is they have always been on the receiving end, be it floods, pandemics, disasters or anything. They never complained because they have never known the comfort of home or about Netflix and chill. It is high time we recognise them and start doing something because they were always there to take care of us.

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